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Brain games: jumping jacks for neurons

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I’ll start this post with a few tips and awe-inspiring brain facts to blow your mind (so to speak), then we’ll head to a cognitive gym class called Lumosity. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons. Yes, that’s billion with a B. A neuron is a specialized cell that transfers information via electrical and chemical […]

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on brain health and which nutrients and lifestyle behaviors play a role in keeping cognitive discombobulation at bay. I’m guessing most of us who are midlife or older occasionally worry about losing more than just our car keys. Like maybe our marbles. The thought of memory loss […]

I have a wandering mind (see my About page for details) and although I’ve been practicing yoga for well over a decade, I’ve never mastered that whole “let go of your thoughts” thing. I’m a fairly incompetent meditator. I prefer to be moving to settle my mind and find a peaceful rhythm for my ricocheting […]